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  • Anthony Stewart
    (609) 882-2900

  • Robert Morris
    General Sales Manager

    Have you ever looked up the word "Genuine" in the dictionary? If you do, you'll notice a picture of 
    Rob Morris next to the definition. 

    Rob has been in the Auto Industry for over 20 years, ALL WITH FORD, dedicated and committed, Rob knows the Ford Brand inside and out. With product and financial knowledge stacked to the clouds, Rob leaves no stone unturned and is definitely someone you need to meet when you visit Lawrenceville Ford Lincoln.

    On his off days, Rob likes to spend time with his wife and two dogs. He also enjoys Fantasy Sports, Texas Holdem, Sports Trivia and loves to read. 

    "Anyone who stops learning is "old", 
    whether at twenty or eighty.
    Anyone who keeps learning stays young. 
    The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young."

                                               -Henry Ford

  • A. James
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager
    (609) 882-2900 Ext.165

    Did you know? Research shows that only 1 out of 40 people can effectively multi-task without suffering a decline in performance. They consider that one individual to be a "Super-Tasker" and that is exactly what you get when you work with our Pre-Owned Sales Manager, Anthony James (AJ).

    AJ has 30+ years of experience in the Auto Industry and has played a key role in the Lawrenceville Family for a little over 2 decades. He has worked every position and knows all aspects of the business like no other.

    If you are looking to make a connection with someone that is Down to Earth, Honest, Caring, Understanding and fully interested in your main concerns, AJ is the guy to go see. He plays a HUGE role in the local communities and continues to do everything in his power to make sure his customers are happy, year after year, generation after generation.

    "F.E.A.R has two different meanings, 
    Forget. Everything. And. Run
    Face. Everything. And. Rise
    The Choice is Yours!"

  • Dan O'Donnell
    Business Manager
    (609) 882-2900 Ext.168

  • Shane D. Kerr
    Digital Marketing Manager
    609-882-2900 Ext.160

  • Bill Barton
    Sales Representative
    609-882-2900 Ext.163

  • Matthew Rutkoski
    Certified Sales & Leasing Representative
    609-882-2900 Ext.161

    Have you ever asked Siri, "What is Optimism?". When you do, the response describes Matt Rutkoski from head to toe.

    Matt takes absolute pride in his work. He enjoys learning the industry standards and educating his customers. His advise and coordination's have helped hundreds of families stay connected to the road, connecting every client with their dream car. With slightly under 10 years of experience, Matt knows America's Best Selling Brand through and though. 

    On his days of rest, Matt likes to spend his quality time with his family, friends and 2 doggies. He likes to play soccer and basketball but most importantly Matt likes to experience the adventures of culinary cuisine because with good food comes great comforts.

    Allow Matt the opportunity and you will be leaving Lawrenceville Ford Lincoln with a huge smile and the car of your dreams. Let's make it happen! 

    "You gotta keep on keeping on. 
    Life's a garden, Dig it,
    Make it work for you!"

                                    -Joe Dirt

  • Marcus Bejar
    Certified Sales & Leasing Representative
    609-882-2900 Ext.162

    Before search engines and the power of the internet, where did one find all the information they needed to make a well informed decision before purchasing a new vehicle?

    They would call, Marcus Bejar!

    Marcus has been in and out of the Auto Industry for close to 20 years and has achieved Top Customer Satisfaction Awards in both Gold and Platinum levels. When a customer is in need of assistance, Marcus is the first contact on speed dial because being in the business for so long, problem solving is natural and customer assistance is key! When you sit with Marcus, your sitting with a family friend.

    On his off time, Marcus likes to collect baseball cards and explorer open opportunities in stock market history. He enjoys spending time with his son, Darius, and his wonderful soulmate of 12 years. They like to travel and spend quality time with family and friends, including his 3 fishes.

    "Imagination is like riding a bike, to keep your balance you must keep moving."

    "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."
                                                   -Albert Einstein

  • Chuck VanSchaick
    Commercial Manager
    609-882-2900 Ext.158

  • Anthony Petrangeli
    Sales & Leasing Representative
    (609) 882-2900 Ext.161

    If you are someone who likes to be adventurous and outgoing yet completely down to earth relaying nothing but good vibes... You have to meet with Anthony Petrangeli when you visit Lawrenceville Ford Lincoln.

    Anthony is one of those fellas that really likes to educate his clients and really sees the bigger picture from the customers point of view. He is always looking out for his customers, reaching lengths that not many attempt. This is what makes Anthony stand out from the crowd as he continues to grow in the industry. 

    On Anthony's off time he enjoys Music, Guitar, Sports, Hiking (Climbed the highest peak East of the Mississippi River, Mount Mitchell, North Carolina Elevation 6,684 ft..) Photography, Snowboarding, Fishing and spending time with his wonderful girlfriend, Caitlyn. Together they like fitness, cooking, movies and trying new things. 

    "Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too."
                                                    -Yogi Berra

  • Mike Brown
    Sales & Leasing Representative
    (609) 882-2900 Ext.164

  • Brandon Hamilton
    Sales & Leasing Representative
    (609) 882-2900 Ext.164

    What's the difference between a
    "Good Deal" and a "Great Deal"?

    The answer is: Brandon Hamilton.

    From start to finish, Brandon is on the hunt for the greatest deal available. Always thinking about his customers and their #1 Goal, SAVINGS! 

    Brandon has recently been introduced to the Auto Industry, but have no fear, this guy, knows his stuff. From exterior to interior, technology to safety, Brandon has you covered. He is always looking to find new ways to better his knowledge and understanding the products he sells. From folding down the back seat of an F-150 to finding the spare tire on a Mustang, Brandon has you covered.

    When Brandon isn't learning the business, he enjoys  music, music productions, reading, videos games and hanging out with his Chihuahua *Stew Beans*.  He also reviews and strategizes Social Media and produces his own music.

    "Be excellent to each other."
        - Bill S. Preston, Esq. & Ted Theodore Logan

  • Alex Kalucki
    BDC Coordinator
    609-882-2900 x167

  • Stacey Lafontaine
    Business Development Coordinater
    (609) 882-2900 ext.167

    Who do you look up to if there are no superhero's to count on? Meet Stacey Lafontaine, the Wonder Women of Lawrenceville Ford Lincoln.

    Why? Because Stacey "AKA: Pit Bull" is Honest, Kind, and Stronger than bold coffee. Energetic, Thoughtful, Respectful, Caring, Easy Going, Down to earth, these are some of the many traits that best describe Stacey. Without hesitation, she is always looking to help.

    Stacey has been in the Auto Industry for close to 20 years and has appeared in close to 3 dozen magazines. She is constantly refreshing and building her knowledge so she can educate her customers and ensure they are making a well informed decision before purchasing a New, Used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.

    When Stacey isn't saving the world, she enjoys spending time with her husband Eric and likes to treat herself a full dose of "Retail Therapy" (shopping). She enjoys reading, knitting, cooking, movies and traveling. She also likes to unleash her competitive side by dominating on Xbox One. 

    "Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, love honestly, laugh easy, keep it simple, ride often, ride free and never regret anything that makes you smile."

  • Jason Rivas
    (609) 882-2900

  • Chris Horvath
    Valet Lot Specialist
    (609) 882-2900

    Have you ever wondered who is taking care of your vehicle in the back while your taking care of business in the front? We have the answer.. 

    Meet Chris, our Valet Lot Specialist. He ensures that all vehicles are properly detailed and looking like a million bucks before you take delivery of your new ride. He has a keen sense for detail and really goes the extra mile to make our customers here extremely happy. 

    Chris has been in the detailing business for many years and puts his skills to the test everyday. He was the Owner of Hometown Courier for 18 years and even featured on an episode of The Weather Channel's "Storm Stories" for a kidney transplant they coordinated and delivered during a massive blizzard. Like the energizer bunny, Chris, never stops! He is always looking to expand his knowledge and even educates our customers on how to properly maintain their vehicles cosmetic shine. This is what makes Chris stand out from the rest!

    On his off days, Chris enjoys spending time with his family. He has 4 children and 6 grandchildren. He likes live music and entertainment, fishing.... He is an absolute outdoorsman and enjoys anything and everything that has to do with boats & the water. 

    "Don't follow your dreams...Live them!"

  • Larry Braun
    Service Director

    Have you ever looked up "Straight Shooter" on Google? When you do, you will find Larry Braun on top of the page.

    With almost 30 years of experience, directing all aspects of the service department comes with ease. Larry has a keen eye for details and puts his service department to the test each and every day. Larry is a graduate of the 2nd Ford Asset Class in GCC and is currently a Master Certified Service Manager with Ford Motor Company. In 2016, Ford Motor Company gave recognition to ROC Elite. Also, Larry was awarded with Employee Excellence 3 years+. When free time is available, Larry likes to travel and explorer the natures of wildlife.

    When your in need of vehicle services, check out Larry Braun.... at 6'6 you can't miss him!

    "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."

                                     -Henry Ford

  • Jun Mendez
    Assistant Service Manager / Service Advisor

  • Charles Corkran
    Lincoln Service

  • Corey Migliaccio
    Service Representative
    (609) 882-2900

  • Pete Weinrich
    Service Writer
    609-882-2900 Ext.132

    When you bring your vehicle in for service... You need someone with Confidence, Knowledge, Experience and a Get-It-Done Attitude. That's where, Pete Weinrich, comes in to play.

    Pete has close to 15 years of experience and holds a Masters Certification from Ford Motor Company as a trusted Service Writer. He is to interpret and relay cause, concerns and solutions to customers. Pete has a knack for identifying vehicle issues and really takes his time to pinpoint those problems. He also goes that extra mile by educating customers and implementing a maintenance strategy to optimize their vehicles longevity.

    Allow Pete the opportunity, your vehicle will appreciate it!

    "Life is a Journey, not a Destination"
                          -R.W. Emerson

  • Dwight Burk
    Parts Manager

  • Gil Sutterley
    Parts Representative

  • Robert Tackett
    Parts Representative
    (609) 882-2900